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SUI, the Strawlike User Interface

Ryan Block, @ryan
SUI Strawlike User Interface

We totally understand if you're a mite alcophobic (xsXe_for_lifex perhaps?) and think you don't need a drink to have a good time—especially if your body can't really process ethanol (what some call the "Asian glow"). So it should come as no surprise some Japanese researchers busted out the SUI (Strawlike User Interface); you can still get that same oh-so-desirable sensation of drinking by means of a complex series of servos, pressure sensors, valves, and motors that replicate the experience right down to the sounds of sipping. Mmm, almost makes you want a highball Bogomip, dunnit? Just nobody call Anna Sui, we have a feeling she might come down on this thing like a storm—and for further irony, consider the SUI's diametric oppositition to the AWOL.

[Via Near Near Future]

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