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Axion's new portable DVD players, the AXN-6090 and AXN-6053

Axion AXN-6090

Axion just announced a couple of new portable DVD players a few days ago, the AXN-6090 and AXN-6053. The $299 AXN-6090 (seen above) is the more interesting of the pair, with a 9-inch 16x9 aspect ratio TFT screen (a size we'd actually consider watching a movie on). The AXN-6053 will only cost you half as much, but you'll have to make do with a 5.3-inch screen. Both players also come equipped with Axion's Axi-Port, which will let you hook up optional accessories like a TV tuner or a joystick pre-loaded with old-school Sega games.

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