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Yet another SL65 fashion faux pas phone from Siemens

Siemens SL65 pink

What, Siemens, you didn't fulfill your deep fashionista longings with the first Limited Edition SL65 ESCADA? Apparently that phone did not have quite enough "playful joi-de-vivre," so we're being subjected to a pink version now. And exactly what is it about fragrances and phones that seem to go together? But truly, nothing beats the marketing copy on this, which almost had us convinced that throwing down for this phone would be a one-way ticket to having everyone who falls under the spell of this bodacious mobile "dreaming of hot parties and quiet sunsets on tropical beaches." Dunno, perhaps it's just us, but looking at this phone does not evoke any hot parties we would want to attend. Anywho, we're not even going to bother you with specs, people — this device is "the ideal accessory for flirting." What else is there to know?

[Thanks, KevinS]

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