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Vodafone Speaking Phone for the blind

Nokia phone

Vodafone Italia is showcasing their Speaking Phones for the blind at the exhibition for technologies capable of improving the lives of disabled persons - or more affectionately know as Dishow (Dishow in da Hizhouse!). But it's not the hardware that's special as many Symbian-based Nokia Series 60 phones can be converted to Speaking Phones. Special software allows the Speaking Phone to identify and describe the menu icons and text messages to the blind user and also allows them to compose and send their own messages. While this is still in trial phase in Italy, it has already been released in the UK and South Africa with more European countries coming later this year. In the UK, Speaking Phones can be ordered at any UK Vodafone store and can be demoed at selected stores and at the RNIB (if you have to ask, you don't need this phone) Resource Center in London.


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