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The Dialive Bluetooth stereo audio adapter

Peter Rojas
Logitec Dialive Bluetooth dongle

Logitec is selling a new Bluetooth stereo dongle called the Dialive that lets you wirelessly stream audio from a cellphone, MP3 player, personal video player, etc. to your stereo over Bluetooth (sort of like the AP 11 from icombi that we covered back in March). Not bad, but how badly do you need to use Bluetooth to beam music to your stereo from your iPod, as opposed to doing it on the cheap with either a $10 FM transmitter (the Dialive costs something like €180) or just hooking everything up via a cable? It'd be one thing if you could use Bluetooth to stream stereo audio directly from your cellphone/iPod/portable video player to your stereo, but there are hardly any cellphones or MP3 players that support A2DP (one of Bluetooth's stereo audio profiles) on the market yet.

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