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Get ready for DisplayPort

Peter Rojas
Philips LCD TV

The Video Electronics Standard Association announced yesterday that a group of manufacturers that includes ATI, Nvidia, Dell, HP, Philips, Tyco, and Molex are close to finalizing a new display connector standard for LCD, plasma, CRT, and projection displays called "DisplayPort". Not a ton of details yet (we're sorta curious how all this fits in with HDMI, for example), but ExtremeTech reports that DisplayPort connectors will be smaller than DVI and VGA ports (which means even smaller PCs) and that they're going to make sure there are plenty of copy protections in there to guarantee that you're connecting up to a "trusted" device and not trying to pirate anything. The new standard should be sorted out by Q3 of this year, with the first DisplayPort-compatible devices showing up sometime early next year.

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