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Nintendo Revolution pic

Nintendo revolution from USAToday

You know that old adage: "if it's in the USAToday, then it's legit, son!" Following a ton of fakester images and videos that have been floating around the net this past week, this image of the Nintendo Revolution is supposedly the real deal (as leaked by Gamespy and republished by USAToday, of all publications) — and it does match what we know about its size and form factor specs. We'll know for sure later on today, of course, but we'll throw this out there for your perusal. There aren't really too many new details that accompany this image, other than that it'll be two to three times more powerful that the GameCube, plus some PR about how game designers will find it "easier to create games" for the Revolution as opposed to the Xbox 360 or the PS3... sure, sure. All your developers are belong to us, eh, Nintendo?

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