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Technojewelry: phones on your fingers and GPS on your toes

Ring Phone, GPS Toes

Always struggling to find ways to make ubiquitous computing more fashionable, designers have come up with a few concept electronics to demonstrate how emerging technology should be bowing to our needs, and not the other way around (hear, hear!). The Penta Phone and Ring Phone are concepts that will surely vindicate all the 80's surfers who were hangin' loose, bro — slip them onto your pinky and thumb and do that whole talk to the hand thing to speak into your mobile. GPS Toes turn your feet into navigation aides by communicating with a GPS receiver carried or worn on a belt. The devices, one on each foot, vibrate and light up to tell you which way to go to reach your preset destination. All of this is impressive and all, but what we're really curious about is why Antonio Banderas is moonlighting as a Ring Phone model.

[Via picturephoning]

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