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The sliding DAPs: PankoTech WM-20/30 and UnisonTech MF-100

Sliding DAPs

Two no-name South Korean DAP manufacturers either just happen to be putting out slider-style digital audio players at the same time, or there's a Deep Throat somewhere in their midst who leaked the plans — we smell a Korean Watergate about to break. Or maybe it's just high time MP3 players started looking more like cellphones. The PankoTech (at left) WizPac WM-20 and WM-30 players (WizPac, whut?) are otherwise your run-of-the-mill DAPs with an OLED, playing 512MB/1GB worth of Ogg, WMA, WAV and MP3 files. The UnisonTech (right) TMS-700 is the successor to their MF-100 flash player. It's only sporting a USB 1.1 connector and maxes out at a 512MB model, but it does have a line-in and 22 hours of battery life going for it. Praise be.

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