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Tiger Tips: What to Do if Safari RSS Stops Working


So, sometime Friday, Safari RSS stopped working for me. I have no idea why. I tried emptying the cache, going into Safari RSS prefs and clicking Remove Now to remove all the old articles. Nothing seemed to work. Today, I was chatting with Scott and he said, "Did you try deleting the prefs? That's the first thing I try with funky problems."

So, I closed Safari, went to ~/Library/Preferences/ and found and dragged the file to the trash. Then, I relaunched Safari and re-enabled all the prefs that I like, like View—>Show Status Bar, and then went into Safari—>Preferences—>RSS and clicked the Remove Now button again. Ta-da! Safari RSS works again! Thanks, Scott!

Shortly after getting Safari RSS to work again, I realized that my Debug menu was missing, so I closed Safari, launched the Terminal and typed:

defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1

Hit return. Then relaunched Safari. There's the Debug menu. All is well, again.

I'm not looking forward to this becoming a regular thing. I hope Apple fixes whatever buggy bit is causing this.


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