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I don't believe the Mac / Intel chip rumors


I just wanted to weigh in on the recent news about the possibility of Apple switching over to Intel chips. I don't think I will believe them until and unless Apple announces new computers with Intel chips or Jason reports back from the D conference that Steve Jobs told him so face to face.

I am glad to hear, however, that the WSJ story speculating that Apple will switch to Intel chips has caused some stock increases for Apple.

On the whole, however, I'm more inclined to agree with Cult of Mac's take on the issue: Apple, Intel Rumor Absolute Rubbish. What do you think? Is Apple going to jump ship on the IBM chips (that are suddenly popping up in Xbox 360s and PS3s)? Or do you think there is more chance of Windows switching over to an IBM chip? Let us know.

Before you go answering though, pause and consider: What Would Jobs Do?


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