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Indipod in-car toilet


Yes, you read that right — in-car toilet. The Indipod, made by UK company Daycar, is mostly intended for people with bladder problems as well as families with small children. But as the company recently demonstrated, the possibilities are endless (if you're eating, you might want to stop now). To "show off" the Indipod, Daycar went on a seven-day trip from John O'Groats, Scotland to the southern tip of Italy without getting out of the car (they didn't say how many people went on the trip). But the company assures us that you won't turn your brand new SUV into a speeding funkmobile, thanks to chemicals used in the Indipod that turn waste into a "sweet smelling, inoffensive liquid." Daycar currently has a special springtime offer where you can get your own Indipod for £199 (or about $376).

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