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Nolan Bushnell is back with the Media Bistro

Media Bistro (Nolan Bushnell)

What do you do after creating Pong and founding Chuck E. Cheese? Combine the two into a Media Bistro of course (the peeps at Mediabistro will probably not be pleased about this). Set to open this fall in Los Angeles, Nolan K. Bushnell is hoping his 300-seat restaurant and bar with "ubiquitous interactive media" will "get gamers out of the house." We fully support this moralistic pursuit after seeing the sallow face of LA-gamer society last week. Two-sided, touch-screen monitors installed at every table will enable two people (or two couples) to play some 70 different video and trivia games (think uWink, not Rockstar) against each other — a section is even reserved for large gaming groups. There is no mention of what the menu will consist of, but we're guessing you'll find gamer classics such as a warm Mountain Dew and Froot Loops starter with a main of fried Bologna au Pringles.

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