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Ditching your landline isn't as popular as it was supposed to be

Peter Rojas
vintage telephone

A couple of years back there were all sorts of stories about how tons of people were going to be ditching their landlines in favor of having just a cellphone (it didn't help that in some places wireless service was starting to seem like a bargain compared with overpriced wireline service), but the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the decline of the landline might have been a little overstated. While the number of cellphone-only households did increase 6% last year, the overall trend towards cellphone-only is slowing down even though it was supposed to accelerate after the FCC mandated landline-to-cellphone number portability, with some people choosing to have their landline reinstalled once they discover how totally spotty cell coverage is in their home (which apparently they couldn't be bothered to test before they cancelled their account).

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