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Ask Engadget: Should I stay or should I go (buy a Mac)?

Peter Rojas
Ask Engadget

There could really only be one question for Ask Engadget this week. We usually get a lot of submissions for Ask Engadget each week, but in the past four days we've literally received about two dozen variations on this question:

Given Apple's big announcement on Monday, should I wait to buy my next Mac?

Well, how badly do you want a new computer? If you're like us and have a nasty habit of buying a new laptop every 12-15 months (it's a terrible addiction), then there's probably enough time between now and when Apple rolls out the first Intel-based PowerBook to feel ok with sucking it up and throwing down a couple of grand right now (besides, your computer won't magically stop working when they make the move to Intel chips). Remember that no matter when you buy a computer it's pretty much guaranteed that a new version that's more powerful and costs less is going to come out six months later, but if the impending switchover is really going to make you that crazy frustrated (or crazy jealous), either sit tight or save your money and buy a used machine. But Ask Engadget really isn't about what we think, so let's hear it.

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