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The Great Price Fixing Scam

Steve Parsons

Back in March, we covered the announcement that next gen games would cost more. NetJak have anmoney interesting look at the issue. Now before people start assuming this is some communist plot, let's make it clear here. We're not against companies making money from games. However, there is such a thing as a fair price. The NetJak piece says about going out of your way to buy games elsewhere to punish the companies. A very good idea. The one thing that has always amazed many people is the pricing of PC games. When Warcraft 3 debuted, it was the first of recent PC titles to jump the price up to a new tier. If you could find it under $50, you were lucky.

Within 3 months, it had dropped to almost half that. So obviously there is still profit being made on the lower price, as they wouldn't sell at a loss. Then there is the Sony Greatest Hits range on the PS2. You're telling me those games going for $20 aren't still making a profit? Of course they are. They wouldn't be selling them otherwise.

Is it just a hardcore few of us who are tired of seemingly being scammed? Or do gamers at large simply not care? With top games costing upward of $5 million to create in many cases, is the industry justified in gouging the "gotta have it!" consumer?

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