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Wearable AI system to let astronauts analyze Martian terrain

Marc Perton
nasa mars ai

NASA scientists have been testing a wearable AI system for future visitors to Mars in an arid area of northern Guadalajara, Spain. The setup includes a wearable computer with eye-mount, a tablet and a video camera. The system can automatically look for unusual features in terrain, based largely on analysis of hue, color saturation and intensity (yeah, we know, sounds like you could do the same thing with a live histogram on a $500 digicam). The AI gets it right about 68% of the time; the rest of the results are evenly divided between false positives and false negatives. We assume that by the time of the first manned mission to Mars (which we somehow don't expect anytime soon, George W. Bush's weak endorsement of it notwithstanding) the system will work much better.

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