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The Best of WIN


As you may—or may not—know, the blog you are now reading belongs to the Weblogs, Inc. Network (WIN).

The Weblogs, Inc. network features over 80 independent, unfiltered bloggers producing over 1,000 blog posts a week across 75 industry leading blogs that include Engadget, Autoblog, and TVSquad. We figured we would skim the cream and give you some of the top posts from a number of these sites—as determined by our bloggers—in one easy to read post each week.

Tons of linkage after the jump… enjoy!

walkmanthumbEngadget has Creative Zen Vision about Microsoft ?breaking some new ground? with a? Battlebot (?!) walking around with Sony Ericsson?s new W600 Walkman Phone and chatting up how the Nintendo Revolution won?t support HD.

digmeAdJab covers AutoTrader?s attacks, on Heinz one-liners, marooned on Gilligan?s Island and then

asks what ads do you love?

bug8 thumbnailAutoblog speaks of face lifts, how easy it is to be ?green? over a Bugatti Veyron on eBay, and brings us back down with Flint?s Buick deathwatch.

backyardigansBlogging Baby reports on Viagra for kids, why an OB resigned over c-section quotas, a catchy new Backyardigans CD you?ll be humming to yourselves for weeks, and how men are using their nipples? Whoa.

chewsCinematical watches Humphrey Bogart chew scenery, then casts a hypothetical Simpsons movie, while handing out screening passes to wannabe rappers, and wonders: did the maid kill Marlon Brando?

sharkDIVESTER covers tankless scuba, to observe intrauterine cannibalism, and dolphins using tools while a Great White Shark attacks... Wow.

gadlingpod Over at Gadling they are grooving on Pink Floyd and really into their newest podcast Quit Your Job.

cigarLUXIST waxes on about Rick Schroeder?s $29 Million Ranch, Lenny Kravitz?s Phantom for sale on eBay, while ?Cigar Jack? reviews the Domaine Avo 50 Cigar.

john stewart thumbnail TV Squad live blogs The Jackson verdict, catches the ?flickr-ization? of Futurama title cards, tells us about some new DVDS, The Daily Show, and summer reality shows.

spotlightthumbTUAW discusses the possibility of OS X running on a Dell, replete with

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