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x86 Mac: crows, or just pundits circling Linux?

Jay Savage

Macworld UK is reporting that more analysts are jumping on the "Mac x86 is going to kill Linux bandwagon," because OS X offers all the advantages of Unix with the benefit of a great desktop. Personally, unless Apple really does license the OS to Dell, which they're not going to do, I don't see it. Until that happens we're in the same position we're in now: Apple OS on Apple hardware, and if people wanted to get rid of windows badly enough to buy more Apple hardware, they'd be doing it already. Intel chips just aren't going to have that much effect on sales unless Apple both lowers prices dramatically and lets other manufactuers sell the OS with their hardware. If anything kills Linux, it's going to be OpenSolaris. But the Linux OS and methodology have proven themselves over and over. I don't think Tux has anything to worry about at the moment.


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