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Apple hardware at Macworld Boston


This year I have been lucky enough to convince the suits at my day job to send me to Macworld Boston. I went last year, too, and attended a couple of very informative workshops on Filemaker Pro. This year I'll be learning about Xserve administration, since we got a shiny, new one not long ago. Sure, Apple doesn't participate in Boston's Macworld, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun. Last year, I almost met Chris Breen, but that's a different story entirely...

Apple's absence doesn't mean a lack of Apple hardware, either. This summer's expo will feature a Specialists Pavillion, which will be demonstrating a number of goodies, including Power Mac G5s, Xserve and Xserve RAIDs, iMac G5s and Mac Minis. Apple Specialists are a network of independent dealers formed to create brand awareness of the Apple Specialist channel through national advertising, marketing and Specialist-only promotions. No ". . one more thing," but still fun.


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