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Haier and Freescale teaming up on wireless LCD TV with ultra wideband

Peter Rojas

This may or may not be the very first announced product with ultra wideband (UWB), but Freescale Semiconductor is teaming up with Haier on a new wireless 37-inch LCD TV that uses their version of ultra wideband to wirelessly connect up to a server containing a set-top cable box. The big deal? UWB has the bandwidth to beam an HDTV signal across a room (the Haier TV has a range of about 60 feet), which means you'll have at least one less cable to worry about (it should also give you little more freedom to put your TV wherever you want since it won't be tethered to your cable box). The TV should be on sale in China by the end of 2005 and hit the US sometime next year.

[Via The Wireless Weblog]

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