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Star Wars Battlefront II preview

Steve Parsons

The first Battlefront wasn't a bad game. It certainly came closest to capturing the dramatic battles of the movies. Too bad the AI had the IQ of a bar of soap. The ship to ship battles were pretty pathetic as well.

Still, as a Star Wars fan, it was that or nothing. Until the inevitable sequel. Which is now. Well, soon anyway. The build they played in the preview still had pretty pitiful AI, but they don't know if that's genuinely the case, if the difficulty level was on low, or if the bots weren't finished. Regardless, for those with no interest in playing online with the ravening hordes, it's a concern. Gunning down Ewoks is not without it's appeal, but a challenging AI would elevate the title to the next level.

Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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