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Transtechnology's new MP3 players, and a portable HDD

TransTechnology PD-2000

Transtechnology's just released a couple of new MP3 players, and a portable hard drive to boot. Leading the pack is the PD-2000 (seen at right), a 20GB MP3 player with an SD slot and USB 2.0 port — it measures 67x96x18mm and weighs 150g.  Next up is the PD-1001, a more stylish version of the PD-2000, and smaller too (52.5x79.2x17.7mm, 85g), but with only a 5GB hard drive. The last MP3 player released is the PD-25, which doesn't have any internal memory, relying instead on SD/MMC cards. It weighs just 35g and measures 53x53x16mm. And lastly they've also released a pretty sleek looking portable hard drive, available in capacities between 2 and 5GB, measuring 52.5x79.2x17.7mm and weighing 85g. No word on price for any of these, or availability in North America.

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