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New Mac Mini?

Jay Savage

Tamb01 on the Mac Bidouille forums just ordered a new 1.42 Ghz Mac Mini. He's not getting it:

J'ai une commande en cours sur l'Apple Store.
Est. Build On or before 11/07/2005
Replaced with new product

No word yet on what they're replacing it with (or why they're not guaranteeing it before September November July 11th, which makes more sense) but the upcoming product announcments may be a lot more interesting than some new iPods and the much anticipated iPod phone. And that's a good thing because, quite frankly, I'm not sure that an iPod Phone, while fun, would really have been worth the build up.

(Thanks to Vincent for pointing this out, and assuring me that it translates as "you have just placed an order" and not "you have just asked for the heart of the Apple Store" or you have just cursed the Apple Store". French was never my strong suit.)


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