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Speecys' fuel-cell powered robot

Gareth Edwards

Speecys fuel-cell robotJapanese firm Speecys has had an eponymously-named robot out in kit form for a while now, but they've just announced an update that creates what they claim is the world's first fuel-cell powered bipedal robot. The Speecys-FC comes in a little taller and heavier than its 50-cm, 3.7kg predecessor, and also gets a hefty kick up in price, to Y2.62 million ($24,000) from Y500,000 ($4,500). We wish we could say it does something cooler than walking around and being powered by hydrogen, but unfortunately that's about it. The hydrogen is fed to the fuel cells from a 16-mL tank in the robot's head, though, so you know what to shoot at should it ever get delusions about world domination.

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