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Motorola's E815 is Verizon's latest EV-DO handset

Peter Rojas
Motorola E815

Verizon Wireless introduced a new EV-DO handset which we first peeped back at CES in January, the Motorola E815. It's not the EV-DO flipphone of our dreams or anything, but the E815 does have a 1.3 megapixel digital camera, Bluetooth (with OBEX disabled, natch), a 2.2-inch, 176 x 220 pixel, 262,000 color main display, a 1.3-inch, 96 x 64, 4,000 color external display, and support for Verizon's V CAST multimedia download service. Retails for $99.99 with rebate and a two-year service agreement.

[Thanks, Jacob and Len]

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