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Siemens rolls out HHB-700 and HHB-750 Bluetooth headsets

Marc Perton

siemens hhb750We already checked out Siemens' new S75 and SL75 phones with Bluetooth/EDGE/IR and an MP3/AAC audio player. But in addition to the phones, Siemens has served up some 'toothy goodness with two matching headsets, the HHB-700 and HHB-750. The former looks like a fairly standard Bluetooth headset, with an Li-Ion battery providing up to 300 hours of standby time and six hours of the talk time. The HHB-750 (pictured) is more interesting; it basically serves as a wireless remote/wired headset for the S75's audio player, giving you an LED display of what's currently playing, and the usual set of audio controls, as well as the ability to easily switch to a call. Interesting, sure, but what's the point? With this on, you get to drain the batteries of two devices at once, and end up turning a Bluetooth phone into a wired audio player in the process. Seems like you'd do just as well with a separate audio player — though, of course, you'd still have to do the old headphone swap to pick up a call.

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