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EZISON iPod speakers and other Japanese wonders


EZISON10 iPod speakers retro

iPodLounge has got a roundup of some of the more interesting Japanese-flavored iPod accessories, and we're digging on some of the speaker offerings. The EZISON10 system above is so retro it hurts, and runs of three AAs or a wall wart for about $179. After the jump, a slightly more modern version in the EZISON TE2 — it's a passive speaker set that runs off the iPod's own power, which'll obviously drain the battery much faster but could prove mighty convenient in that boombox-on-the-go kind of way. It'll be had for about $122; there's a higher-priced version that includes a battery pack.


Also worth mentioning is the Die Speaker, shaped like your favorite Vegas ammunition. It?s got an 1/8-inch jack on the top for inserting an upside-down iPod shuffle, and the music plays from the right and left sides of the cube. Dude.
iPod shuffle Die Speaker

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