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Spy-Phones: listen in on a Nokia 3410, 3310, or 6100

Ryan Block, @ryan
Nokia French 6600

Remember that $1,800 we might have had you drop on the Nokia 3390 spyphone last year? We know it was a little hard to swallow, but if you held out your patience will be rewarded: French distributor's got your same covert Nokia action (this time as a French 3410, 3310, or 6100), but for a whole lot less bling. Starting at €399 (about $480 US) now you too can surreptitiously dial up on the unwitting phone holder's audio, and listen in to your heart's (dis)content. Of course, whomever is actually the type of person to use one of these probably has bigger issues than merely jealousy to deal with, but we'll let them sort that biz with their therapist.

[Via I4U]

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