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ECCO Design's new concept phone

Ryan Block, @ryan

ECCO Design concept phone

You have to love it when someone gets really bored at a design firm—take ECCO Design, for example (no, not that Ecco—these guys did some of our lesser favorite Herman Miller tables over the last few years)—and decides to mock up the "phone of tomorrow" based on industry-expert input. (Uh, dude, why didn't we get a call on our cellphones of today, hmm?) Not that we've never seen futuristic concept phones before or anything, but you kind of have to dig ECCO's slightly more naive outsider angle between "micro fuel cells, 3x optical zoom, and streaming video" and a "small projector inside the handset [that] shines images onto the thin layer of [fuel cell exhaust water] vapor" for the screen. Oh, and they expect 8GB storage by 2008 and 60GB by 2013 (as if every Engadget reader couldn't safely predict that). That's well and good, but talking up tomorrow's specs isn't much more fun than talking up yesterday's—what's the phone of 2010 going to do for us that current phones don't?

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