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SeaLife's DC500 5 megapixel underwater camera with "Shark Mode"

SeaLife DC500

While it may not be the best looking 5 megapixel underwater digital camera we've seen, it may be the best suited to the task. The SeaLife DC500 is a 5.5 megapixel, USB 2.0 digital camera with 3x optical zoom and a reasonable 2-inch TFT. It features a non-slip rubber armored housing and "advanced button operations" to make it easy to handle to a depth of 200 feet or during an evening of post dive binge drinking. And besides the ability to capture 30 (MPEG4) video frames per second, it also features an exclusive no shutter delay "Shark-Mode" which we trust does not also release chum around your vitals. Pricing begins at $613US for the camera up to $1755 for the Maxx kit.

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