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The Weblogs, Inc. network features over 100 independent, unfiltered bloggers producing over 1,000 blog posts a week across over 75 industry-leading blogs. Each week we ask our bloggers to choose their top posts, which we bring to you in one easy-to-read weekly post. You’ll find links to the hottest posts from the second week of July after the jump. Enjoy!


best5_downloadThe Download Squad’s Jordan Running speculates on when Longhorn really will ship. Victor Agreda, Jr. turns you on to Portable Firefox for surfing without leaving a footprint. Barb Dybwad gives the skinny on the latest bump to OS X 10.4.2. Marc Perton dispels the rumor that Microsoft is buying spyware-maker Claria

best5_engadgetEngadget’s Marc Perton finds the ideal accessory to protect iBook and Powerbook ports. Ryan Block spreads reports of an ultrathin Motorola Scalpel cellhone. Vince Veneziani explains how to build your own pedal board from scratch. Barb Dybwad follows Robocup 2005.

best5_autoblog2.jpgAutoblog’s Eric Bryant goes inside the 2006 COrvett Z06’s new LS7 engine, and reports that rising fuel prices are sinking used truck sales. Randall Halcomb thinks the “cute” little Nissan Micra 350SR has got cojones. John Neff reveals that half of all hybrids sold in June were Prius’.

best5_joystiq.jpgJoystiq’s Steve Parsons offers Burnout Revenge eye candy. James Ransom-Wiley solicits your great game ideas, and reports on the San Andreas sex scandal. Conrad Quilty-Harper sheds light on plans for the Nintendo Revolution controller.

best5_gadling.jpgGadling’s Erik Olsen covers the famous running of the bulls, rants at the New Yorker, and ruminates on mosquito season. Adrienne Wilson cools things off with ice skating in Florida.

best5_hackadayHackaday’s Vince Veneziani says it’s looking good that Jolt cola will sponsor the August 4 Hackaday meetup in Philly and offers another juicy set of Hackaday links. Eliot Phillips finds a way to mod an Epson printer to print labels directly onto CDs and scopes out a homebrew wind turbine

best5_luxist2.jpgLuxist’s Peter Thompson is awestruck by Dubai’s Golf City. Adam Newman showcases a $15,000 Humid’or. Rick Reed looks at Havencrest, on the market in St. Thomas. Deidre Woollard follows the huge Rising Sun yacht to its new home in Cartagena, Spain.

best5_baby.jpgBlogging Baby’s Sarah Gilbert discusses stigmatization of Moms who don’t breastfeed, and reports on a lawsuit over a man dying during his wife’s epidural. Jay Allen applauds Britney Spears’ maternity clothing line. Meiera Holz Stern ponders whether pink is a no-no for boys.

best5_cine.jpgCinematical’s Karina Longworth wonders if the box office slump is a political issue. Ryan Stewart revisits Immortal Beloved. C.K. Sample III ranks superhero movies, and Kim Voynar reviews Ingmar Bergman’s latest - which may also be his last.

best5_photoshop.jpgThe Unofficial Photoshop Weblog’s Jan Kabili shows how to use Adobe Bridge to review your digital photos, explains Bridge’s Film Strip view, announces Photoshop Elements 3 online training movies, and points you to Bert Monroy’s TechTV tutorials.

best5_bbhub.jpgBBHub’s Russell Shaw spotlights a game where bursting your bubble is a good thing, finds an almost-free Blackberry with a pizza, reports on a clergyman who uses Blackberry in his sermons, and loves this Blackberry carrying case.

best5_wireless.jpgThe Wireless Weblog’s Michael Sciannamea wonders if drivers will ever understand that driving while talking on a cellphone is dangerous, thinks that shutting off cellular service in New York City’s tunnels was a long time in coming, believes that the big telcos are running scared of local governments building their own wireless networks, and says the next 10 years will mean big bucks for RFID.

best5_droxy.jpgDroxy’s Ryan Saghir reports that Sirius Satellite radio will be a factory-installed option on Range Rovers, ponders whether HD multi-casting will save big radio, and notes the travel industry’s interest in podcast technology. Kevin C. Tofel experiments with Gizmo for podcasting.

best5_tvsquadTV Squad’s Bob Sassone, live-blogging the Discovery launch, brings you the breaking news that the launch has been scrubbed for today due to technical problems with the fuel sensors. Michael Sciannamea explains why the All-Star game doesn’t really count. Keith McDuffee lists the new TV on DVD releases. Adam Finley says Rhino wants your MST3K picks for the next DVD set.

best5_divester.jpgDivester’s Willy Volk tells of a man attacking a shark in Florida, reports that the underwater CSI team is working on cracking the case of the girl missing in Aruba, and finds a shark repellent made of dead sharks. Erik Olsen links to top aquariums around the U.S.

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