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Diablo the greatest game of all time?

Steve Parsons

Diablo, released in the heady days of 1996, is Gamespot's latest choice for Greatest Game Ever.Diablo While it's fair to say that Diablo jump started the action RPG genre, the fact is, it took the basic gameplay elements of something like Nethack, and shoved a shiny graphics engine on it. This is no bad thing, but Nethack was busily creating random dungeons long before Diablo was a twinkle in it's developers eye, so some folk may want to check out what was arguably the precursor, so long as they don't go in expecting all sorts of eye candy.

Diablo is definitely a classic game. The first of it's kind really, and still one of the best. There's a reason it's still Gamespot's highest ever rated PC title.

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