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eBayer: "Motorola MPx200 - A really nasty mobile phone!"

Ryan Block, @ryan
MPx200 eBay

Suggestive British nomenclature aside, how can you not appreciate a dude selling his Motorola MPx200 on eBay with nothing but complaints? Choice:

In summary:

  • I hate it.

  • I detest every atom of it's existence.

  • It's creator should be tied down and eaten by ants.

  • The factory that makes them should be melted by a big laser from space.

  • It doesn't have a camera

  • It barely functions as a phone

Do you want it? Bid Now!

The punchline here is for the price of the phone, the seller will also give you the choice of a home-burned DVD he'll produce of the device's destruction by means of "a vice, a drill, possibly an angle grinder, some flamable liquids, a blowtorch and finally a sledghammer", if that's what you'd prefer. Decisions, decisions.

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