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Motorola's new "Scalpel" on the way?

Ryan Block, @ryan

Moto Scalpel

We're a little vexed on the finer points of Moto's supposed intentions, but Crain's Chicago Business is reporting Ed ZNDR has plans to release a new, even thinner candybar called the "Scalpel" (SCLPL?), intended to sell for $40 in European, African, Middle Eastern, and Asian markets, and undermine Nokia's global reach. We'd say that's a pretty aggressive plan if that's the case, but we can't help but wonder why they'd undercut their smallest, thinnest phone—the SLVR—with something even smaller and less expensive; let alone how they'd even be able to manufacture an ultraslim device so inexpensively. All this from a supposedly informed Citigroup VP's mouth—not the horse's—so don't get your hopes up too much for that ¼th-inch thick phone just yet.

[Thanks, Dod]

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