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Clinton joins GTA 'Hot Coffee' debacle

Ross Miller
HIllary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is asking for the government to yet again join in the fight against video games.  Speaking this morning, Clinton has demanded that the Federal Trade Commission join the ESRB and Australian OFLC in investigating the source of GTA's controversial mod.  Furthermore, Clinton is also presenting a law that would charge $5,000 for selling M and AO-rated games to minors. Fair enough, but what about further implications beyond that? How will this affect the ESRB's standing? Regardless of who actually authored the sex scene, this whole scandal is bringing another mess on the video game industry as a whole. Hopefully, this this uproar will just subside soon enough.

On a lighter note, there is no such thing as bad publicity; I wonder how all this furor has helped sales of Grand Theft Auto.  Will the next game even need to advertise?

[via GameSpot]

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