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Now it's illegal to watch TV while driving in Illinois

Ryan Block, @ryan
Pimp My Ride

We're not sure if this is the first law of its kind in the US (anyone know whether it is?), but we have a feeling it won't be the last: apparently Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich signed off on a legislation Tuesday making it illegal to have TVs and/or media players installed in the frontal areas of cars, punishable by $100 and $200 fines for first and repeat offenses, respectively. Ok, we can understand the reasoning behind this, but seriously, what the hell else are Illinoisans supposed to do at the freaking stoplight but play some Xbox, dog? Thanks a lot Blagojevich, you officially wrecked up ride pimping. And no, this doesn't go for GPS systems and other informational or navigational devices, so some of our Illinois readers' hoopties are still safe from the man.

[Thanks, Jonathan]

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