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The 2005 Great MacMod Challenge

Save today announced "The Great MacMod Challenge 2005," sponsored by and officially designated August as Mac Mod Month.

The contest pits Mac users against one another, encouraging them to "mod" their Macs in creative ways. The mods can involve performance improvements, physical appearance, or overall functionality. Last year's challenge, for example, included the iPC (a FrankenMac with a PC brain) and a Hawaiian-inspired Tiki Mac.

This year's competition will feature over $2,000 in cash prizes and awards provided by, FastMac, and Daystar Technology. Contestants can submit up to three entries. Modification categories include Internal Changes, External Changes, Lighting Modifications, Peripheral Modifications (mice, iPods, etc.), Software Modifications, and Miscellaneous Modifications. In the spirit of fun, the panel of judges will also name "Most User Friendly," "Wackiest Mod," "Worst of Show," and "Most Useless Mod."

Entries must be submitted no later than August 31, 2005 and the winners will be announced September 6. Visit for complete rules and instructions - and if you enter, give us a sneak of your entry!


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