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U.K. tests infrared HOV-compliance cam

Marc Perton

ir face reader carAs has been pointed out on numerous occasions since the London terror attacks, there are a lot of surveillance cameras in the U.K. And now the country can add at least one more to that list, as the Department of Transport begins testing a system designed to monitor compliance in highway HOV lanes. Using the Cyclops Image System developed by U.K. company Laser Optical Engineering, infrared cameras mounted on overpasses can scan the inside of a vehicle, and face-detection software can determine the number of passengers inside. Laser Optical claims a 95% accuracy rate with the system. As for British subjects worried about yet another eye in the sky tracking them down, there's no need for too much concern just yet — there are only two HOV lanes in the entire country, which somewhat limits the opportunities for deployment of the Cyclops.

[Thanks, Richard]

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