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Harry Winston Opus V watch with "satellite hour" display


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Opus V

We don't normally cover watches that don't have cameras, or built-in GPS, or Bluetooth capability, but we're powerless to resist a finely designed piece of machinery, especially one we can wear. Harry Winston's Opus V watch is the first watch with a "satellite hour" display, consisting of three small blocks with four numbers each that  are arranged like satellites on a three-dimensional rotating system, showing the time as they spin around. The watch is also apparently the first to have a service indicator that tells the wearer when it needs maintenance. Better get in line quick if you want one though, only 100 are being produced — 45 in pink gold, 45 in 950Pt platinum, 7 in 950Pt platinum set with white full-cut diamonds, and 3 in 950Pt platinum set with white bagette-cut diamonds.


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