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Indie flash based puzzle game attracts attention

Planarity Puzzle Game 2

A 19 year old computer science major John Tantalo has hit upon a very addictive and simple puzzle game design that is drawing in thousands of web users. This article quotes figures of 600,000 visitors to the game in the two weeks it has been online. The student has created such an addictive game that I wouldn't be surprised that the hits are only a handful of people that couldn't tear themselves away from their web browser! The aim of the game, which is based in flash, is to make it so that there isn't a single overlapping line. The player achieves this by arranging the blue points with their mouse. Once the grid is clear of overlapping lines the player moves up to a more complex level. It's surprising how challenging and entertaining such a simple puzzle game can be. All I'm left wanting is a java port so I can play it on my phone on the bus!

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