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TViX's new media device does HD


So we peeped one of TViX's hard drive enclosures last year, and some of you were asking about HD support. Here's the latest from them, which does indeed support HD content at up to 1080i, and the form factor's been changed up somewhat so that it's not really an enclosure anymore — it's designed to take USB 2.0 external drives as well as flash drive, flash readers and digital cameras via USB host functionality. If you've got a tv tuner it can serve as a settop box, and this time around it's also sporting ethernet connectivity for playing files across the LAN. It's doing DVI, component, S-video and composite connectivity, and also has a coax optical audio output. We know it supports WMV9, DivX, Xvid and MPEG 1 and 2, but we don't know when and how much other than "coming soon."

[Thanks, Rick]

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