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The Weblogs, Inc. network features over 100 independent, unfiltered bloggers producing over 1,000 blog posts a week across over 75 industry-leading blogs. Each week we ask our bloggers to choose their top posts, which we bring to you in one easy-to-read weekly post. You’ll find links to the hottest posts from the fourth week of July after the jump. Enjoy!

bestwin7.jpgEngadget’s Peter Rojas reports that Netflix is getting very, very, very close to offering online movie downloads. Ryan Block covers the O.J. Simpson’s latest legal fine — $25,000 for pirating DirecTV. Barb Dybwad reports that at Samsung video is hot; microdrives are not.

bestwin7_tuawTUAW’s C.K. Sample III points to where Apple went wrong with widgets. Laurie Duncan has high hopes for Podscope. Dave Caolo discovers a few Dashboard tricks.

best7.jpgThe Download Squad’s Victor Agreda, Jr. shows you how to make your own widgets. Barb Dybwad teaches you how to spell with flickr. Marc Perton asks, what’s the best alternative to Microsoft Office.

bestwin7_autoblog.jpgAutoblog’s John Neff thinks Pontiac is a hard sell. Eric Bryant doesn’t hear Iacocca say anything. Randall Halcomb gives the Dodge SRT4 ACR a proper thrashing.

bestwin7_tvsquad.jpgTV Squad’s Bob Sassone live-blogs the Discovery launch. Keith McDuffee lists the new TV DVDs on sale this week. Annie W. just says no to Mencia.

bestwin7_gadling.jpgGadling’s Erik Olsen suggests you follow Fat Steve, and ponders how to kiss like the French...sans tongue. Adrienne Wilson wants you to hear bad hotel stories.

bestwin7_luxistLuxist’s Peter Thompson goes yachtspotting in Monaco. Rick Reed marks time with the amazing Breguet watch. Deidre Woollard reports that the Javelin jet is ready for takeoff

bestwin7_flash.jpgFlash Insider’s David Robinson points out some more Maelstrom (Flash Player 8) examples. Mike Schleifstein explains why null doesn’t strictly equal undefined, and wants you to track how viral that Flash is.

bestwin7.jpgThe Unofficial Photoshop Weblog’s Jan Kabili points to resources to help you understand the new Lens Correction Filter, is wowed by Schewe’s shots of a visit to Adobe, and finds a free download of useful photo workflow actions.

bestwin7_bbhub.jpgBBHub’s Russell Shaw tells you about you about three movie theaters where you can download a trailer of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Mr. And Mrs. Smith right to your BlackBerry. He tells you why he’s sure Star Trek’s Scotty would have been a BlackBerry user. Russ also speaks his mind about BlackBerry’s tech support problem.

bestwin7_pvr.jpgPVR Wire’s Todd Carter reports on the doubling of PVR users, and shows how to access TiVo via Web browsers. Kevin C. Tofel discusses Hitachi plasmas with built-in PVRs.

bestwin7_droxy.jpgDroxy’s Ryan Saghir asks if you will follow Howard Stern to Sirius, and finds the pompous attitude of MSM anything but funny. Kevin C. Tofel looks at Podcast searching with Blinkx.

bestwin7_hdbeat.jpgHD Beat’s Kevin C. Tofel warns of Dish 921 HDTV software upgrade issues, wonders why Disney’s digital programming is stored on videotapes, and points out different HDTV input cables and jacks.

bestwin7.jpgDivester’s Willy Volk reports on 2 underwater cameras for under $500 – the DC500 and the SeaPix, and discusses underwater hand signals. Erik Olsen trumpets Deep Blue, a new movie from the makers of Blue Planet.

bestwin7_wireless.jpgThe Wireless Weblog’s Michael Sciannamea wonders if the “wickedly cool” Q phone from Motorola will give the BlackBerry a run for its money, thinks Sprint’s new Mobile Consultant Service could prove valuable, and asks if pre-teens really need to have cellphones.

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