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CTRL-ALT-DEL inventor mocks Bill Gates

Scott McNulty

The good folks at the MacObserver (some of whom I met at Macworld Boston) have posted a story about this funny video clip. David Bradely, the inventor of CTRL-ALT-DEL was talking about why he created it during a panel celebrating the 20th anniversary of the IBM PC which included Bill Gates.

Mr. Bradely said, 'I may have invented CTRL-ALT-DEL, but Bill Gates made it famous,' which just about brought the house down. The funniest part is the expression, or lack thereof, on the face of Bill.  He wasn't too pleased, not even when Bradely said, 'I was talking about the Windows NT login..'

Give it a watch and it will give you a chuckle.

Windows NT Login Box courtesy GUIdebook.


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