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New Apple contest for Canadian college/university students


Today, Apple announced the "Win What You Want" contest in Canada. To take part, you must be a legal resident of Canada who will be enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary institution in the Fall semester of 2005, or who is currently enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary institution.

Parcitipants start out with a "pool" of $2500CDN. You can increase the pool by getting your friends to sign up, with each one earning you an additional $250. Refer a maximum of 10 friends and bring your potential prize to $5000, and then start assembling your prize pack. A few 60GB iPods at $495 each?  Perhaps an iBook?  Maybe an Airport Express? You can swap items in and out of your prize pack as you wish, squeaking the most out of your pennies.

The contest ends on August 28, 2005, and the grand prize winner will be issued a coupon for the online Apple Store. Additionally, ten weekly prizes will be awarded in the form of iPod shuffles. So hop to it, the clock is ticking!

Thanks, Justin!


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