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The HTC Wizard: out and about

Ryan Block, @ryan

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HTC Wizard

Well, the deal's pretty much been sealed by this point: looks like the HTC Wizard will come in multiple versions (Wizard 100, 110, and 200, as per the design seen here without and with camera, and yesterday's design, respectively), is popping up everywhere, so it looks like we have a pretty good idea what to expect. Still no word on the supposedly impossibly anemic 200MHz processor that won't even be fast enough to run Skype with the integrated WiFi, but it never hurts to be patient for more details in this biz. For what it's worth, the thing's also been approved by the FCC, so with any luck we won't be waiting more than a few months before this thing gets out the door—or is, at very least, legal to bring home from overseas.

HTC Wizard

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