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The Napster + Dell DJ house that UW built

Ryan Block, @ryan
Dell DJ 30

Ah, the University of Washington, one of the few schools that can't seem to shake the Engadget radar, it seems. Latest haps on campus is that they've gotten themselves into a deal with Napster and Dell wherein they're paying $24,000 for eight months of Napster service (that's $2 per head for 1,500 kids), matched one for one by Dell, who is also supplying the school with over $50,000 in servers. What's the catch for the discounts and free gear? The Uni must exclusively promote the Dell DJ to its students, open two Dell kiosks on campus, and host a Dell back-to-school launch event. Sure, it sounds a little twisted, but public schools have a hard time paying the bills, y'know?

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