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Crossing the US/CA border? RFID at 40ft for you.

Ryan Block, @ryan

So apparently if you're crossing the border from Canada to our fair land at one of three crossings and don't actually happen to be of Canadian origin, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has stepped up the requirements for entry, which now includes a stipulation that those crossing not only carry with them RFID tags with their identification and biometric info, but that those tags be readable from 40 feet. Some whistleblowers are calling out the US-VISIT program and its apparent privacy invasion even despite government claims that after they've entered, foreign nationals can't (and wouldn't) be tracked. But as it is, we have no reason to believe that once you've crossed the border you need to carry this ID with you at all times—or that (so long as you have a passport or other ID) it's somehow illegal to just lock it in a Faraday cage and be done with it until you leave the country.

[Via The Raw Feed]

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