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Would you buy a TV from Chris and Yumin?

Kevin C. Tofel

Update: Chris from CY Digital circled back to us and indicated that all specs are available on their site; we missed the link in their packages. Thanks guys!

You have to hand it to these two. Christopher Yeomans and Yumin Choi run their company, "CY Digital", out of the Boston suburb of Waltham, Massachusetts. CY Digital provides several DTV packages for consumers that may not know what they want or need in a home theater set-up. All packages feature plasma sets from Panasonic, as well as a Yamaha receiver and Orb speakers for audio.

Chris and Yumin offer installation, required Monster Cables and calibration of your new set as part of their package. Sounds like a nice all-in-one, no hassle or haggle deal, but we sincerely hope that customers understand what they're buying. The two-lowest price packages, the "Starter Package" and the "Baby-Step Package" feature EDTVs, not HDTVs per the CY Digital site. The provided specifications on the packages don't specify the screen resolution, which is one of the most important aspects.

We're not picking on Chris and Yumin; they have a solid business idea to help people get started with a nice digital package. The lack of specifications, however, only underscores what we've been saying for some time: check all of a system's specs before you purchase and make sure you get what you pay for. This is another reason we'd like to see the FCC require standard information on inclusion of a digital tuner and even the output resolution of all digital sets.


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