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Jack Thompson to bully Rockstar over Bully

Vladimir Cole

bullyA good bully knows to kick his opponent when he's wounded and vulnerable. Jack Thompson, the ranting anti-game activist, has decided that Rockstar's upcoming Bully game must not be released. In a letter to Take-Two Interactive CEO Paul Eibeler, Thompson wrote:

"I and others are today calling upon you to STOP the release of Bully. 'Columbine' changed the face of America, but you are about to come out with a game that celebrates, glamorizes, and trains kids to do what Klebold and Harris did. Are you nuts?"

How is this man obtaining and playing all of the latest Rockstar releases before they're finished? Do we need to say mean things about Rockstar games before we get that sort of access?

[via Joystiq tipster Bandersnatch]

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